Cookie Wars




A battle among the residents of Cookie World has started


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The Devsisters Corporation Company got millions of downloads with Cookie Run: OvenBreak and they’re back for more, but this time with battles among the Cookie World residents. Cookie Wars is the name of the new casual strategy game which will challenge you to put together a competitive team in order to be victorious in every battle.

Cookie Wars submerges you in the story from the get-go with incredibly detailed 2D visuals. The controls are very simple and by clicking on the different elements on your screen, you’ll manage them all.

Your objective here is to gather a team that’s as powerful as you can make it using the cookies and other characters that you’ll unlock. You have to increase the level of the characters using the coins that you’ll earn when you beat your enemies. On the other hand, you can equip them with pets and skills to make them more powerful during the battles. During these combats, you’ll have to choose carefully which character you pick in each sand area, much like you would in Clash Royale, in order to get rid of all your rivals before they invade your territory.

Cookie Wars includes a ton of different characters and elements that’ll make you play dozens of rounds without being able to stop yourself. The simplicity and incredible aesthetics make this game an excellent option to keep you super entertained while winning all the sweetest battles in the Android universe.

Android 4.2 or greater is required.